Article - CS238377

Windchill PDMLink: Sample WVS Customization for triggering Publishing of EPMDoc or WTDoc upon Lifecycle State change but prevent the publishing on other change (Move, Rename, etc) or Check-in event

Modified: 15-Oct-2019   

Applies To

  • Windchill PDMLink 10.1 M010 to 11.2
  • Visualization Services (WVS)


  • The ability to optionally publish or republish an EPMDoc or WTDoc on specific change events by creating a new listener that detects that change events (i.g Lifecycle change)
  • It's possible to differentiate between Move, Rename and Lifecycle state change events
  • How to prevent publishing on CAD Document Check-in but not on Lifecycle state changes
  • How to publish or republish a new representation when an EPMDoc or WTDoc is changed to specific Lifecycle states
  • This article provides sample code for this custom listener that will enable you to create publish job on specific Lifecycle state change but not on other change events(Move, Rename, etc)
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