Optional Support Services

Optional Support Services

Every business has its own needs, whether it is an upcoming deployment, expert help for a rollout, new business requirements or strategic initiatives. PTC provides flexible Support options, so you get the expertise and industry-leading Support Services when you need them. We provide a set of Optional Services designed specifically for specific projects, expanded support coverage, on-demand or continued access to expertise so you get the help you need when you need it.

If you are interested in the Optional Support services, please contact a Support Sales Representative.

Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support

In this service, a PTC Support Engineer will understand your IT environment, project plan and scope of the potential support assistance before the weekend activities start. By proactively scheduling Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support, a directly accessible PTC Support Engineer is assigned to you and your team to support your weekend activities.

Provides you with a higher level of support over the weekend. Use Upgrade & Migration Weekend Support when performing a system upgrade, data migration, or other weekend activities.

Dedicated Support Engineer

This service provides dedicated support and attention for Go Live events or other critical milestones events that requires it.

During the engagement, you can avoid support queues and get immediate responses by having direct phone and email access to a dedicated Support Engineer. The Support Engineer is fully aware of your planned activity and will be ready to engage whenever needed.

Technical Support Account Manager

Serving as an extension of your support team, your Technical Support Account Manager (TSAM) works seamlessly with the entire Technical Support organization to help ensure consistent management and prioritization of your critical support issues and project-based support requirements.

Armed with a good plan from the start, your TSAM can help guide you and the PTC support teams towards successful project completions and issue resolutions by providing regular communications, activity reporting and reviews. Together, you and your TSAM will develop a relationship that is intended to maximize your system performance and reduce your costs of supporting PTC applications.

Extended Support

Provides additional Software Performance Report (SPR) access for one year after software development is discontinued. Available for select products, the Extended Support period begins after the Standard Support period ends. As your company plans to update to a more current version of software, the Extended Support period provides additional time to run your current version in production and receive software issue resolution that you may need during the transition to the new version.

Weekend Support

When you are planning an event such as an upgrade, data migration or test in preparation of the event, our support engineers can be available when you need them. With pre-planning, we can help make the event run more smoothly and help you deliver uninterrupted service to your production environment.

Contact us at least two weeks prior to your event and we will assign the right resource to your project, meet to review your plans and be on call over the weekend if you require our assistance. 

Download the Technical Support Account Manager (TSAM) Datasheet (.PDF)