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Pricing Options: One-year Term$63/yr


PTC Mathcad Prime is the go-to tool for engineers looking to solve, analyze and share vital calculations with ease. Its comprehensive yet intuitive interface enables accurate calculations, traceability, and protects intellectual property. Document critical engineering calculations in a professional notebook with natural mathematical notation and units intelligence. Show your work using rich formatting options alongside plots, text, and images in a single document. Don't settle for spreadsheets, Mathcad visually represents math in an easy-to-understand format, making engineering calculations simple to define, understand and manipulate. Bring your calculations to life with Mathcad Prime.

PTC Mathcad Prime is commonly used in the math, engineering, and science industries and academia, and the skills you develop while using the Student Edition will be transferable to the professional world.

Your one-year term of PTC Mathcad Prime gives you access to the latest version of the product for one individual user. Click here to learn more about the newest features in Mathcad Prime.

Before purchasing PTC Mathcad Prime, please review PTC’s Platform Support page to ensure your hardware configuration is supported for PTC Mathcad Prime. Please also review the Eligibility Information tab.

If you are a professor or academic institution, please contact PTC Mathcad Sales. We offer Mathcad professor and institutional license packs.

Key Features

Intuitive Calculations and Units Management

The PTC Mathcad interface combines live, standard mathematical notation with text and graphs.

Content Protection

This provides area protection and locking so that you control the degree of access and the visibility you want others to have.


It’s quick and easy to embed material from third party applications in your Mathcad worksheet, as well as copy and paste multiple regions of a worksheet into MS Word.


Equation wrapping offers more control over the presentation and legibility of calculations.


Solve your complex systems of equations without performing linear algebra or matrix manipulations.


Use familiar programming operators (for-loop, while-loop, if-then-else, etc.) to define functions of any complexity.


Don’t “do it yourself.” Mathcad includes built-in functions for all these purposes independent of industry.

Data Visualization

Seeing is believing:

  • X Y plots
  • 3D plots
  • Polar plots
  • Contour plots

System Requirements

Check the information below to ensure that your hardware configuration meets those certified for PTC Mathcad.

Platform Support

  • Windows 8.1 Edition with Base OS
  • Windows 8.1 Pro Edition with Base OS
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition with Base OS
  • Windows 8.1 x64 Edition w/ Base OS
  • Windows 8.1 Pro x64 Edition w/ Base OS
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64 Edition w/ Base OS
  • Windows 7 Professional Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Ultimate Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Home Premium Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Professional x64 Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Home Premium x64 Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1
  • Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Edition with Base OS, Service Pack 1

System Requirements

  • Available Disk Space: 2.1 GB (600 MB for PTC Mathcad with one language installed, 1.5 GB for temporary space during installation)*
  • .NET Framework: 4.5.1
  • Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later**
  • Network: TCP/PI or Ethernet Network Adapter
  • Pointing Device: Microsoft-compatible mouse or other pointing device
  • Miscellaneous: DVD drive

License Management

PTC Mathcad licenses are served using the PTC License Server. The PTC License Server is now run with FLEXnet Publisher.

*When the installation process is complete, the installer removes all the temporary data.

**Internet Explorer 7.0 or later is recommended for full functionality of the Help system.

Eligibility Information

Eligibility Information:

Customer Type

Eligible to Buy?

Purchase Limit

Universities No N/A
Commercial No N/A

PTC Mathcad Prime Student Edition is available to current students whose intended use is for personal learning (not for teaching or research). Not available for labs or institutions. A valid university email address is required for purchase.

Education Policies

Student Edition
  • For use on student-owned computers, class work only
Professor Edition
  • For academic (non-commercial) research and/or teaching use only
University Edition
  • For use on university-owned computers, class work only (no research)

If you are a professor/institution and are not eligible for the PTC Mathcad Prime Student Edition, please contact PTC Mathcad Sales.

*Please indicate you are purchasing and paying for your order as a student (indicate Educational – Student Use) during the billing process.