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Get SIXNET EtherTRAK as a part of this suite. Learn More


Get SIXNET EtherTRAK as a part of this suite. Learn More


Product Overview

The SIXNET EtherTRAK driver exchanges data between OPC clients and EtherTRAK Ethernet RTUs using the Modbus OPEN UDP protocol. Kepware automatically optimizes data acquisition based on client demand and ensures data integrity through extensive error handling.


  • Can access Analog and Discrete I/O
  • Can access Discrete I/O in Bit, Byte, and Word formats for high speed updates
  • Optimized Ethernet connection provides up to 154 read/write operations per second
  • Designed for SoftPLC I/O
  • Supports all data types 


  • SIXNET EtherTRAK Modbus

Supported Devices

  • SIXNET EtherTRAK I/O modules
  • SIXNET RemoteTRAK I/O modules
  • SIXNET SIXTRAK gateways

Available Languages

  • English

Application Support

  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware


Additional Tech Info

Supported Device Specifications

  • SIXNET EtherTRAK I/O with firmware version 2.10 or later
  • SIXNET RemoteTRAK I/O connected through an EtherTRAK I/O module. Both the RemoteTRAK and EtherTRAK must have firmware version 2.01 or later.
  • SIXNET VersaTRAK RTUs with firmware version 2.12 or later
  • SIXNET SIXTRAK gateways with firmware version 2.12 or later

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