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Product Overview

The GE Intelligent Platforms EGD device driver provides data exchange between OPC clients and GE PLCs using Ethernet Global Data Unicast and Multicast packets. This driver supports both Producer and Consumer connections and can act as a standalone EGD device. Using this capability, any PC can become an EGD device and share data using either Unicast or Multicast UDP packets.

The GE EGD driver supports the Automatic Tag Database Generation features of Kepware. Data integrity is ensured with our extensive error handling.

  • Automatic Tag Generation
  • Unicast and MultiCast UDP Ethernet Connections
  • Memory Types Supported: I, Q, G, M, T, S, R, AI, AQ
  • All data types are supported
  • Ethernet Global Data (EGD)
  • Series 90-30 with EGD Support
  • Series 90-70 with EGD Support
  • English
  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware



  • Name Resolution, Producer/Consumer Exchanges, and Producer/Consumer ranges are now represented in the Project Tree View to improve visibility and editing.
  • Name Resolution aliases that are deleted are now removed from the runtime server.
  • Unique Name Resolution aliases are now enforced, preventing unintentional collisions. When loading a legacy project with duplicate aliases, a postfix is added to eliminate the collision.



  • Fixed an issue where the socket connection could not be re-used after a restart on some platforms.



  • Fixed data conversion for BCD and LBCD arrays.
  • Added support of the Double data type for AI, AQ, and R memory types.
  • Added hints for Array data types.


  • Fixed an issue where Boolean ranges defined as part of an exchange definition were being calculated incorrectly.
  • Updated various error messages to ensure the proper error code is reported.
  • Fixed a tag import issue that caused the consumer exchange to reinitialize.


  • Enhanced the driver to provide a working _Error bit for devices configured with Consumer Exchanges.


  • Added event log information displaying the channel to which the consumer or producer belongs to when binding a Producer Socket to the Default Network Adapter.

Supported Device Details

Supports all GE devices equipped to handle EGD transactions. These devices require a CPU-364 or higher. This driver is also compatible with any device that supports EGD protocol.