Fanuc Focas HSSB

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Product Overview

The Fanuc Focas HSSB device driver exchanges data between OPC clients and Focas CNCs. Kepware automatically optimizes your data acquisition based on client demand. Data integrity is ensured with our extensive error handling.

This driver requires that FANUC CNC Focas1/Ethernet Library or FANUC Focas2 Library be installed on the system in order to communicate with the hardware. The library does not need to be installed to create a server project, but the project will not run without it.

  • Provides non-normalized float handling options
  • Supports device timing options, including timeouts and an inter-request delay
  • Supports device auto-demotion
  • Supports scan mode to control client poll rates​
  • Supports standard data types, including:
    • Boolean
    • Byte
    • Word
    • Short
    • DWord
    • Long
    • Float
    • String
  • Localized in Simplified Chinese
  • FOCAS HSSB (High Speed Serial Bus)
  • FANUC Power Mate i
  • FANUC Series 0i
  • FANUC Series 15
  • FANUC Series 15i
  • FANUC Series 16
  • FANUC Series 16i
  • FANUC Series 18
  • FANUC Series 18i
  • FANUC Series 21
  • FANUC Series 21i
  • FANUC Series 30i
  • FANUC Series 31i
  • FANUC Series 32i
  • Open Addressing
  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • DDE Format CF_Text and AdvancedDDE
  • NIO Interface for iFIX
  • OPC .NET Service (OPC .NET) Version 1.00
  • OPC Alarms and Events (OPC AE) Version 1.10
  • OPC Data Access (OPC DA) Versions 1.0a, 2.0, 2.05a, and 3.0
  • OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) Clients
  • SuiteLink and FastDDE for Wonderware


  • Localized for Japanese, German, and Simplified Chinese cultures (simplified Chinese).



  • Added the ability to set the maximum request size to 8 bytes. This provides access to non-contiguous macros below #1000.



  • Renamed the GE Focas HSSB driver to Fanuc Focas HSSB to reflect corporate changes by vendor.