CODESYS Ethernet

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Product Overview

The CODESYS Ethernet driver connects to operations utilizing CODESYS, a PLC runtime and development environment used by many PLC brands in the Automation Industry.

The CODESYS Ethernet driver is especially useful to the Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, and Packaging industries, where data must be collected from controllers across the factory for a number of applications—including traceability, monitoring and control, and plant-wide automation.

With the CODESYS Ethernet driver, Kepware seamlessly connects to devices running CODESYS V2.3 and V3 to provide reliable and secure access to real-time industrial data.

  • Provides real-time data access to CODESYS V2.3 and V3-compatible devices (read/write connectivity)
  • Supports CODESYS Gateways
  • Supports automatic tag generation directly from the device and from the project file
  • Supports a tag browser for browsing, filtering, and selecting specific tags to import
  • Supports Symbolic Addressing
  • Supports arrays and strings
  • Supports bit-within-byte
  • Supports device diagnostics, enabling the diagnosis of any issues with connectivity based on seamless integration with the CODESYS API
  • Supports Media Level Redundancy
  • CODESYS V2.3 Ethernet over ARTI
  • CODESYS V2.3 via Gateway
  • CODESYS V3 over ARTI
  • CODESYS V3 over Gateway
  • English
  • German



  • Added a new property that allows the symbols to be loaded to a local directory to avoid the overhead of symbol copy over the network on every connect attempt.
  • Added support for CODESYS V3.5.18.0.



  • Enhanced the V2.3 model to allow strings with extended ascii characters.



  • Implemented CODESYS PLC handler version 3.5.13.



  • Added a configurable Request Timeout to allow connection to V2.3 devices with slow response times.



  • A fully featured tag browser is now available to allow users to add tags to server projects without manually creating them. The browser is available for use in the Configuration interface as well as over the Configuration API Service.



  • Added support for connecting to V3 devices.
  • Added support for offline automatic tag generation with V2.3 devices.
  • Added Device Discovery support for V3 devices.
  • Added support for CODESYS Gateways.
  • Added support for bit packing / bit-within-byte.
  • Removed access to the Network Adapter property, which is not selectable from the CODESYS API.
  • Added support for V3 specific data types: Union, BIT, LINT, ULINT, LWORD, LTIME, WSTRING.
  • Updated V2.3 devices to accept hostname in addition to IP address.
  • Updated V2.3 devices to support configurable location of symbol file.



  • Introduced a driver to support the CODESYS run time. At release, the driver includes support for the following features:
    • Connection to V2.3 compatible devices
    • Real-time access to CODESYS V2.3 data types, including arrays
    • Online Automatic Tag Generation
    • Device diagnostics
    • Media Level Redundancy
  • Provides the ability to configure the location of the CODESYS symbol file for CODESYS V2.3
  • Supports device discovery for CODESYS V3
  • Supports device password for CODESYS V3
  • Supports the following CODESYS V3 data types: Union, BIT, LINT, ULINT, LWORD, LTIME, WSTRING