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Product Overview

The Scheduler enables users to move the scheduling of data requests from the client to the server to optimize client communications across networks with limited bandwidth. It can define polling schedules for specific tags from multiple devices by the time of day or frequency. The advanced plug-in also allows users to define exceptions for periods of time when polling is undesirable. Each schedule can be configured with its own priority to determine which schedule is serviced first when a conflict arises; the server will update clients with data once it is available.


  • Schedules when data communications occur across a network from one centralized source to best optimize available bandwidth
  • Prohibits "rogue" clients from hijacking network bandwidth with high scan rates
  • Provides visibility on network utilization to local and remote applications like HMIs and historians via System Tags
  • Configures multiple schedules to poll devices at certain intervals and during certain periods in the day, week, or month
  • Schedule tags from any device
  • Configures the priority of schedules relative to each other
  • Streamlines the configuration of schedules through a wizard or CSV import/export tools
  • Works with Kepware's advanced plug-ins
  • Maintains in-memory tag cache for fast initial client update and reduced network utilization

Available Languages

  • English


Release Notes

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