Creo 10 University Student Edition Premium License

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Pricing Options: One-year Term$257/yr


Design Better Products, Faster With Creo

Creo enables students for careers in product design using the same award-winning performance and functionality found in our professional edition. With Creo Parametric, and its extensions, you can create, analyze, view, and share designs using 2D CAD, 3D CAD, parametric, and direct modeling capabilities.

New capabilities in augmented reality, real-time simulation, and design for additive manufacturing enhance collaboration, increase efficiency, and create an optimized learning environment for students.

Note: Purchase of PTC Creo University Student Edition Premium requires valid academic identification. Please check out the Eligibility Information tab for the academic ID submission instruction. For University purchases, please contact an Academic Advisor. 

Key Features

  • PTC Creo Parametric is the essential integrated 3D CAD/CAM/CAE solution, offering the most robust product design toolset with the ability to create parts, assemblies, and drawings that can be directly published into AR
  • PTC Creo Direct is an easy-to-use, flexible solution that gives users the ability to create and edit 3D CAD data using a direct modeling approach
  • PTC Creo Simulate enables 3D virtual prototyping to test a range of structural and thermal properties of a design early in the design process
  • PTC Creo Layout allows you to create 2D conceptual layouts and reuse the 2D data to build detailed 3D models
  • PTC Creo Flexible Modeling Extension combines the ease of direct modeling with the control of parametric 3D CAD in making changes to 3D models
  • PTC Creo Advanced Framework Extension is tailored for machine designers and equipment manufacturers to simplify and speed structure design
  • PTC Creo Mechanism Dynamics Option enables you to virtually simulate the forces and accelerations in systems with moving components
  • PTC Creo Piping & Cabling Design Extension automates routed systems design. Whether your product designs feature complex cabling or harnessing systems, hydraulic or pneumatic hoses, high- and low-pressure tubing, copper work, or large bore pipes, PTC Creo PCX helps minimize errors and improve efficiency.
  • PTC Creo Tolerance Analysis Extension lets you quickly analyze and document geometric tolerances directly on 3D CAD models so that once manufactured, all components of your products will fit together correctly on the shop floor
  • PTC Creo Manikin Extension makes the process of performing ergonomics and human factors analyses easily accessible to all PTC Creo 3D CAD users
  • PTC Creo Manikin Analysis Extension is an easy-to-use, powerful module that enables you to test your designs against several quantitative human factors, as well as workplace standards and guidelines, early in the product development process
  • PTC Creo Advanced Assembly Extension allows critical design information to be shared with individual team members, enabling them to complete their tasks concurrently while working within the context of the full assembly
  • PTC Creo Advanced Rendering Extension is a full-featured, high-end rendering software tool for creating photorealistic images that can help sell your 3D product design concepts more effectively

System Requirements

Please review the PTC Creo Hardware Notes before purchasing.

Installation and System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Update (64 bit)
  • Memory: 4GB RAM minimum
  • Hardware Requirement: 3 button mouse
  • Learn about additional requirements in the hardware notes
  • Eligibility Information

    Creo Student Edition Premium is available to students for personal learning or academic purposes. It is not available for labs or institutions and an academic ID is required for purchase.

    Accepted Academic IDs:

    • Valid Student ID
    • Letter or Registration Form from an accredited academic institution to confirm enrollment in a minimum nine-month certificate-granting program

    Please either fax a copy of the academic ID to 1-781-707-0900 or send an e-mail to

    For university purchases, please contact an Academic Advisor.