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Create a Solid Foundation for Enterprise PLM

A house needs a solid foundation if you expect it to last. With strong building blocks in place, you can add onto that house when and if the need arises. The same is true for a “digital house”. With the digital thread at its core, an enterprise PLM foundation provides the infrastructure needed to build your digital house. So how do you go about building it?


Laying a firm foundation involves unifying engineering tools, processes, and methodologies—resulting in a ‘system of product intelligence’. Doing so allows manufacturers to support global cross-discipline collaboration, enable concurrent manufacturing in engineering and the factory, and achieve closed-loop quality.

In this fully loaded event you will:

  • Watch as leading manufacturers describe how they established their PLM foundation.
  • Learn how to get to value quickly delivering core PLM functionality.
  • Gain insight into PTC’s top PLM priorities in our roadmap session.
  • Hear from PTC’s partner ecosystem, industry analysts, and other PTC product specialists.

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Day One


Keynote: PLM Strategy & Vision (10 min) >>

To establish a digital thread core, we need to lay the foundation for Enterprise PLM and a unified development environment that supports global collaboration, concurrent manufacturing, and closed loop quality. In this opening keynote, take the journey with Kevin O’Brien, DVP, GM of PTC’s PLM segment, as he walks you through the seven foundational building blocks necessary to start building your digital thread so you can deliver the best reliability and satisfaction to your customers.

Keynote: PLM Fundamentals at Volvo CE (25 min) >>

With a mission to create value in each of their facilities, Volvo CE was looking to streamline product development and facilitate collaboration across the enterprise. By putting a strong PLM foundation in place, Volvo has enabled a digital thread – a single source of data available to all stakeholders along the entire product lifecycle. In this session, the Volvo team takes you through the process and methodologies used for getting their ‘digital house’ in order.

Closing the Loop on Quality: Establishing Digital Product Traceability, Change Management and Regulatory Submission Compliance (20 min) >>

PLM enables the Digital Thread and improves understanding across the enterprise, allowing companies to close the loop on product development. In this session, several examples are examined, including linking requirements and system modeling to product design and delivering change processes with BOM redlining. For those with regulatory reporting needs, we will also look at tying robust submissions to the overall product cycle, connecting process to appropriate regulatory geographies and ensuring traceability. By delivering collaboration across the product development cycle, product quality is improved.

Building Your Modular Product: Reaping the Benefits of Dynamic Platform Visualization (20 min) >>

If a picture is worth a thousand words – a 3D view is worth thousands of pictures. Being able to visualize your products means faster decision making and reduces rework downstream in the organization. In this session, we demonstrate how to accomplish this at scale with a smart configurable product platform.

Avoiding the Parts Duplication, Search and Reuse Woes in Engineering and Beyond (20 min) >>

Engineers know how important a fully defined part and document inventory is to getting parts to market faster. Join us in walking through classification in Windchill and how to realize the value of the robust searching/browsing capabilities of your product data.


Day Two


Panel Discussion: Creating Value with a BOM-Centric Foundation for The Digital Thread (25 min) >>

While embarking on their digital transformation journeys, these companies were able to create value by enlisting a BOM-centric methodology and building their foundation for the digital thread. During this panel session, listen asspeakers from Johnson & Johnson, The Toro company, Steelcase and Solar Turbines share how they were able to realize improved change management, streamlined factory processes, and positive impacts to the BOM, gaining downstream value that has extended across the enterprise.

Unifying the Development Environment with One Shared System for Concurrent Engineering (20 min) >>

The product development digital thread begins in engineering. PLM provides a fully traceable environment allowing for efficient design collaboration across users and teams and dependable accessibility to extended team members to facilitate virtualized validation of designs and its requirements earlier in the development process. In this session, we explore how PTC’s Windchill supports these activities, improving company’s performance and accelerating time to market.

PLM Collaboration Across the Digital Thread: Driving Productivity Through a Task-Based User Experience (20 min) >>

With a focus on increasing collaboration across an organization and broadening stakeholder engagement, Thingworx Navigate radically simplifies product data access and increases productivity. Join us to learn more about enabling your end users and making the vision of a digital thread a day-to-day reality.

Reaching New Heights with PLM in the Cloud (20 min) >>

PLM is the backbone of digital transformation, but not all PLM solutions are created equal, let alone suited for the web. The market demand for SaaS has increased significantly, especially post-COVID. Windchill was designed for the web from day one and is very well suited for SaaS. Learn how PTC’s Windchill SaaS offering is purpose-built for the enterprise today and how PTC’s Atlas platform will provide added value in the future.

PLM Product Roadmap (20 min) >>

When it comes to disruptive technologies that deliver the most value, PTC is on the same path right alongside our customers. With PLM as a core enterprise system, our customers can tackle business challenges like collaboration, closed-loop quality and concurrent manufacturing. In this session, join Mark Lobo, VP of Product Management, PLM Segment, as he takes you through the journey of Windchill as a product and looks ahead to ‘What’s New’ in 12.0.2 highlighting exciting future investments.


Featured Speakers

Pascal Martinez
Pascal Martinez
Global Director of Strategy and Solutions Portfolio, Volvo CE
Keynote Speaker
Ayman Mokdad
Ayman Mokdad
PLM Program Manager, Volvo CE
Keynote Speaker
Kevin O’Brien
Kevin O’Brien
Divisional GM PLM Segment, PTC
Keynote Speaker
Mark Lobo
Mark Lobo
VP PLM Product Management, PTC
Roadmap Session
Jeff Zemsky
Senior Director of Product Management, PTC
Keynote Panelist
Kim Cook
IT Leader, PLM, Steelcase
Keynote Panelist

John Mattson
Engineering Manager, The Toro Company
Keynote Panelist
Jonathan Archer
IT Senior Manager MD PLM, Johnson & Johnson
Keynote Panelist
Jeff Thornton
Technology Center Manager, Johnson & Johnson
Keynote Panelist
Eric Horn
PLM Solution Architect, Solar Turbines
Keynote Panelist

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Learn how to get your digital house in order

Whether you are just starting to build your PLM foundation or you’re looking for ways to extend a digital thread across your enterprise teams and systems, this is the event that will give you guidance for years to come.

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