Lower Compliance Costs for Both Processes and Products

Keep employees trained and safe with industrial augmented reality-enabled work instructions, and put IT/OT monitoring safeguards in place to ensure machines run according to specification

Reduce compliance costs with smarter digital solutions

Whether you need to address how users operate machines or how machines perform, PTC’s digital safety and compliance solutions can make an impact. Limit compliance risks by embedding digital safeguards directly into products and processes to ensure equipment is always running to spec and employees are always following up-to-date work instructions. See how you can:

IP Security

Implement eDRM & IP security

Securely collaborate across the value ecosystem by managing IP protection through access control rules, security tracking, and authentication mechanisms. IP Security
Industrial Safety

Improve industrial safety

Create a safer work environment and address a root cause of operator compliance violations with augmented work instructions that train and guide employees. Industrial Safety
IT/OT Convergence

Activate IT/OT convergence

Address the causes of product compliance violations before they occur with the combination of machine connectivity, condition-based monitoring, and data from IT/OT integration. IT/OT Convergence

Creating safer, more compliant work environments with PTC

Explore how PTC customers are reducing compliance costs with smart, connected products, and augmented reality-enabled work instructions.

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Sysmex was able to achieve the highest customer retention rate in the industry by using PTC’s industrial IoT solutions to ensure consistent instrument performance and patient safety.

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BAE Systems

BAE accelerated new worker training by over 30% by using mixed reality solutions from PTC and Microsoft to create step-by-step work instructions for front-line workers.

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Global Foundries

Global Foundries reduced onboarding times by up to 50% by using PTC’s augmented reality work instructions and remote expert guidance to improve workers’ effectiveness and productivity, streamline production times, and reduce the risk of errors.

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