How Steelcase Leverages ThingWorx Navigate for Downstream Self-Service

Manufacturers need to put valuable product data in the hands of downstream stakeholders. But they can’t afford to divert the attention of their product design teams. Yet engineers and product designers are spending up to 20% of their time searching for data rather than working on productive tasks.

That was the situation facing Steelcase. This global office furniture manufacturer overcame this challenge and achieved its goals using ThingWorx Navigate.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Steelcase’s story and how it enabled easy access to engineering data on the shop floor.

In this webcast, Erica Goosen and Jim Kerkstra of Steelcase are joined by Kevin Wrenn, Division GM of PLM segment at PTC, to discuss:

  • Why and how Steelcase implemented ThingWorx Navigate
  • A demonstration of Steelcase’s ThingWorx Navigate application
  • Best practices for getting started deploying ThingWorx Navigate in your own organization

Get a firsthand look at how a global manufacturer is empowering its downstream stakeholders.



Erica Goosen
Resident Product Engineer,

Jim Kerkstra
Windchill System Administrator,

Kevin Wrenn
Division GM of PLM Segment,

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