Closed Loop Quality: The Importance of Incorporating Quality Management into the Product Lifecycle

Aberdeen’s survey of 100 top executives reveals how discrete manufacturers can optimize the entire product development lifecycle with continuous access to quality data.

Quality management and high-quality products go hand in hand within discrete manufacturing. However, in environments characterized by process and system complexity, it’s difficult to efficiently manage and share product data. These challenges lead to costly scrap, rework, line failures, and warranty claims.

Discrete manufacturers can resolve these quality-related issues with the digital thread. A PLM-enabled digital thread makes it possible to connect teams and systems for seamless enterprise-wide collaboration.

  • Download this infographic to see how your organization can achieve best-in-class quality management. See what the survey results identify as:
  • The most challenging roadblocks to building quality into product development
  • Best practices that best-in-class companies call upon to elevate quality
  • Typical business outcomes manufacturers realize with a quality focus