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MBSE: A holistic, multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to designing and maintaining systems of systems at Volvo CE

Innovation infiltrates every step of the product development process at Volvo CE—from early concept exploration to production. To optimize conventional technology (and also to incorporate gamechanging solutions), they turned to a model-driven approach using models for mechanical, software, and systems engineering. Thus, improving stakeholder communication and buy-in. Rather than relying on physical prototypes and text-based specifications, design options can be concurrently explored, rapidly and early. This new way of working is enabling better cross-discipline collaboration, higher rates of reuse, and faster time-to-market.

Market leader visualizes dependencies within complex construction equipment

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) is a leading international manufacturer of premium construction equipment. Leveraging more than 180 years of construction expertise and the knowledge of 14,000 employees, they supply products and services to more than 140 countries around the world. With innovation at the heart of their strategy and culture, Volvo CE provides the right machines and solutions for any construction job to ensure their customers succeed.

Although Volvo CE is a leader in the construction equipment market, they realized that their siloed way of working was creating challenges, especially when introducing new products. For example, the Hauler line of business, with 37% market share in the core earthmoving segment, better fuel consumption than their nearest competitor, and excellent gross margins, found themselves hitting roadblocks even when making just minor updates. Engineers had to navigate through mountains of paper (equating to hundreds of hours of non-value add work) to understand dependencies. They needed an easier way to see what impact each changed module would have on other modules or they would face product delays and high development costs.