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IIoT and the Power of Real-Time Data

Overcoming Data Silos and Information Saturation Across the Enterprise


The industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has created a new breed of data that impacts every level of the manufacturing ecosystem. From manufacturing operations to service, IIoT helps organizations transform all aspects of their business with solutions that are simple to create, easy to implement, and accelerate time-to-value.

Organizations big and small can now connect insights across the enterprise. This massive datafication has created high volume and high velocity information that is changing how decision-makers view their value chain. But without an infrastructure that helps focus the information excess, all this newly tapped data can be overwhelming—slowing down important decisions, instead of streamlining them.

“Real-time visibility into logistics routes and material flow across the supply chain increases the efficiency of your production and inventory management... Easy access to a high volume of near real-time data enables the improvement of current analytics and the development of innovative applications.”

—Smart Factory Applications in Discrete Manufacturing: An Industrial Internet Consortium White Paper