• Webinar

Digital Transformation in Global Automotive OEM Manufacturing: Tofaş’s Journey with DVM

Rescheduled: July 26th | 9:00AM CET

Tofaş is the leading automotive OEM in Turkey, employing near 7,000 people, operating production capacity of 450,00 vehicles/year, covering four different brands, exporting to over 80 countries and producing the most popular vehicle in-country.

With all of their world-class technology, Tofaş recognized opportunities for improvement from taking on digital transformation in the plant, looking to new performance levels for production KPIs covering safety, quality, energy consumption, production cost, and others. But there were challenges with “brown field” manufacturing areas, issues with the age of technologies and associated data silos and the cost and time to implement new systems.

Join us on July 26th at 9:00AM CET when industry experts:

  • Ömer Özgür Çetinoğlu, Information and Communication Technologies Director, Tofaş
  • Recep Temizesen, Production Director, Tofaş
  • Orhan Dengiz, Founding Partner, DVM Technology
  • Ali Pinkerton, Sr. Manager, Corporate Strategy, PTC

Will discuss how Tofaş, through partnership through partnership with DVM, planned and executed their digital transformation—covering topics:

  • IT/OT convergence
  • Other system integration challenges with legacy and new technology
  • Advantages of working with the right partner
  • And more

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from a world-class manufacturer about the benefits of Industrie 4.0 and digital transformation in production.


Ömer Özgür Çetinoğlu
Information and Communication Technologies Director
Recep Temizesen
Recep Temizesen
Production Director

Orhan Dengiz
Founding Partner
DVM Technology
Ali Pinkerton
Sr. Manager, Corporate Strategy