REPLAY: Factory of the Future: Increasing Output with Oden in 90 Days

Original Air Date: March 2, 2022

Manufacturers agree on the importance of digital transformation, yet many see the process as challenging, and the ROI elusive. Specifically, companies struggle to scale up from innovative pilot programs to enterprise-wide solutions.

PTC helps organizations make better decisions and unlock data-driven improvements. The result? Digital transformation at an accelerated rate and customer success stories that speak for themselves.

PTC and Oden Technologies have partnered to help manufacturers predict quality failures in real-time. Our customers use data-driven insights to increase capacity and minimize production loss. More importantly, we’re accelerating and expanding the scope of problem solving—helping companies reach a state of continuous improvement in record time.

Utilizing PTC’s ThingWorx technology as the orchestration engine, Oden delivers guided experiences and analytics solutions that unlock a meaningful ROI for manufacturers.

Join us to hear industry experts discuss:

  • Workforce challenges and opportunities when implementing AI in manufacturing
  • How technology and analytics can improve productivity and reduce cost
  • Why visualizations help operators to respond and act in real-time