How bioMérieux´s IoT Solution is Helping Their Customers During the COVID-19 Crisis

For over 55 years, bioMérieux has been a leading innovator of in vitro diagnostic solutions. Today, bioMérieux plays a vital role in providing key COVID-19 tests to thousands of labs and hospitals around the world.

Access this exclusive webcast replay to hear from Patrick Lethenet, VP, R&D System Development & IT Solutions. He shares how bioMérieux uses the IoT to capture, collect, monitor, and review real-time global data—ensuring laboratories deliver accurate, timely results with minimal equipment downtime.

bioMériuex discloses how using IoT remote services have enabled:

  • Remote maintenance to proactively avoid downtime for testing equipment and alert customers as needed.
  • Online assistance to analyze, diagnose, and address issues remotely—and provide customer training and support.
  • Remote updates to automated software fixes and documentation changes.
  • Value-added services that support inventory and supply chain management to meet customer demand.

If you’re seeking to transform service and meet today’s challenges with IoT-enabled capabilities, this webcast replay is a must-listen.

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