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Deliverables of DPM

Putting Digital Performance Management into Practice


An out-of-the-box solution to outperform your competitors probably sounds too good to be true. But when modern manufacturers face what may seem like unique setbacks, most issues in the industry share a common thread, such as losing production hours, monitoring the effectiveness of continuous improvement (CI) projects, or determining which bottlenecks should receive the highest priority.

ThingWorx Digital Performance Management (DPM) is a closed-loop problem-solving solution built to address such concerns based on four critical capabilities: prioritize, analyze, improve, and validate. Taking a traditional approach to performance management often leaves manufacturers stuck spending valuable time gathering data and less time problem solving. Instead, DPM streamlines data access, reveals the most impactful production issues and provides actionable analytics. Plus, it will indicate the biggest problems in a production system in real time and provide actionable analytics (or enable you to drill down further and conduct your own analysis).

What exactly does DPM actually deliver? Let’s look at three areas that have the greatest impact on today’s manufacturers, and how DPM systematically addresses and improves each one:

  1. Prioritizing Improvements
  2. Analyzing and Improving Production
  3. Validating Improvements