How Industrial IoT Increases Overall Equipment Efficiency

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness is the universal KPI for understanding how effectively and efficiently manufacturers are leveraging their assets to maximize revenue growth and lower operational costs. But understanding OEE across assets, lines, plants, and the enterprise is difficult.

You will hear from PTC IoT Expert on how Industrial IoT can help manufacturers better understand and increase OEE by unleashing the data buried in production lines.

During this webcast, you will:

  • Hear how Industrial IoT increases OEE and case study examples
  • Understand how value-based approaches to IIoT can accelerate outcomes at scale
  • Learn best practices and tips and tricks for building a business case and measuring ROI

With real-time visibility into OEE and the losses that impact OEE, manufacturers can understand and correct issues that impact availability, performance, and quality.


Wilson Teo
PTC Senior IoT Presales Specialist

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