REPLAY: A Phased Approach: How Evyap Digitally Transformed their Factory with DVM

Original Air Date: May 25, 2022

The World Economic Forum reports Lighthouse Use Case implementations at scale can yield huge impacts: productivity increases of up to 160%, quality cost reduction of up to 90% and energy efficiency increases of up to 50%. Yet according to Forrester, only 12% of companies achieve digital transformation at enterprise scale.

One company that has succeeded in doing so is Evyap. Despite challenges that include multiple facilities, diverse processes, and varying levels of automation, Evyap has managed to implement a manufacturing digital transformation that improves operational efficiency while maintaining focus on the key initiatives of product quality and sustainability.

Please join us to learn how Evyap, through partnership with DVM30, planned their digital transformation from pilot to scale, avoided “pilot purgatory” and achieved the kinds of operational improvements promised by Industrie 4.0 initiatives, including:

  • Production line scrap reduction of 23%
  • Plant efficiency gains of 2%
  • Safety incident rate improvement of 60%