[Webinar Replay] MLC Tech Talk: Deliver 5 Years of Value in 12 Months

Digital Continuous Improvement at Enterprise Scale

Originally aired January 27, 2023


About half of manufacturing executives say their continuous improvement efforts are on issues they see in the moment, which may not be the most critical. The technique of “performance management” developed by Toyota and universally foundational in efforts from firms like McKinsey and Company, identifies the most impactful improvements to take and in which priority to attack them.

Join us for this Tech Talk with an Industry Executive who brings more than 30+ years’ experience with the McKinsey Operations practice to learn:

  • The fundamentals of performance management but more importantly how to leverage performance management to drive improvement not just measure status.
  • How it builds your current CI and OEE measurement programs to drive problem solving and improvement in weeks and months always focused on “top 3” issues in a site.
  • How utilizing “digital performance management” can create a same year self-funding productivity engine for your production system with a 5-10x ROI.

Tech Talk Executives:

  • David Brousell, Co-Founder, Manufacturing Leadership Council
  • Craig Melrose, Executive Vice President, Digital Transformation Solutions, PTC