To Build or Buy? Considerations for Your Industrial IoT Implementation

Understand key questions to ask when choosing the best approach for your business.

Find an IIoT Solution That Works Best for Your Business

Explore the pros and cons of building an in-house IoT DIY platform vs. buying a third-party solution.

Before you embark on your industrial IoT journey, there are a few key questions to ask yourself. Should you invest in a third-party solution or does it make more sense to build in-house? The answer to this is a complex decision that should not be made lightly. PTC and Microsoft’s eBook, “Build vs. Buy for Industrial Solutions” can help ease the process, providing professional insight into:

    • How to approach an industrial IoT implementation
    • The pros and cons of a IoT DIY build vs third-party platform
    • How to drive innovation focused on value, speed, and scale

Manufacturers have recognized the need for a solution for a successful digital transformation. While there is no single best approach for industrial IoT implementation, it is important to consider the long-term scalability that takes into account the needs of your business, technology, and people.

Download the eBook to learn more.

To Build or Buy an Industrial IoT Platform

Determine the Best Solution for Your Business Needs

Manufacturers have realized the key to an enterprise-wide digital transformation begins with an industrial IoT implementation. The quest to find the most cost-effective IIoT path that is both scalable and timely can be challenging. This eBook breaks down the complexities, empowering you to:

  • Unlock the pros and cons of IoT DIY and third-party solutions
  • Weigh specific vendors against your in-house capabilities
  • Gain expert insights on how to drive innovation

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