Why You Need Model-Based Definition Now

Original air date: September 8, 2022


MBD provides clarity in the complex world for manufacturers. Your 3D models serve as the single source of truth, from design, production, quality, inspection, and suppliers, as well as your external supply chain. 

Join this MBD panel of industry experts as they share their insight on MBD – what it is, why you need it and how to do it!

This conversation will address:

  • MBD basics and benefits
  • Implications specific to the engineering function
  • MBD beyond engineering, including manufacturing, quality, inspection, procurement, and supply chain
  • MBD and the model-based enterprise
  • Advice for companies on their model-based journey


  • Mark Nielsen Consultant, TechAzul
  • Rosemary Astheimer, Assistant Professor of Practice, Purdue Polytechnic
  • Dave Martin, MCAE Consulting
  • Tom Quaglia, Director, CAD Strategic Accounts, PTC

Demo Presentation (Included) Given By:

  • Michael Fridman, Product Manager, PTC