Creo Simulation LIVEstream

Date: Wednesday, February 27th
Time: 11am ET

This Is the Launch Event You’ve Been Waiting For!

The future of CAD is here, Creo Simulation Live, powered by ANSYS is now available and we have all the details on this livestream.

Join us on February 27th to learn from experts, including Brian Thompson, PTC SVP and GM for CAD; Mark Hindsbo, ANSYS VP and GM; Randy Soukop, Daktronics Engineering Systems Analyst; and Todd Kraft, PTC Product Manager.

Come hear the people behind the product, learn from customer examples and see a technical demonstration of Creo Simulation Live powered by ANSYS. 

It’s no secret that the pressure is building on designers to create lighter, faster and stronger products at lower cost. Creo Simulation Live gives you real-time feedback on your design decisions as you make them. Now you can iterate more quickly and design with greater confidence.

Using customer examples, we will show you how:

  • Streamline product development and speed time-to-market
  • Reduce product development cost (e.g., prototypes, rework, scrap, delays)
  • Increase market share via increased quality, brand loyalty and competitive differentiation
  • Reduce after-market service, warranty and repair cost

Creo Simulation Live is ready. Don’t miss out!



Mark Hindsbo

Mark Hindsbo, Vice President & General Manager of Design Business Unit, ANSYS

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson, SVP and GM of CAD, PTC

Randy Soukop

Randy Soukop,
Engineering Systems Analyst, Daktronics

Todd Kraft

Todd Kraft, Product Manager, PTC