MAN Energy Solutions Delivers Reliable Parts with Creo

How they create parts quickly, eliminate rework, and cut costs

How MAN Energy Solutions creates parts quickly, eliminates rework, and cuts costs with Creo.

MAN Energy Solutions, a member of the Volkswagen Group, faced the dual challenge of achieving zero-part failure while managing the high costs of raw materials. Implementing Creo High-Speed Milling (HSM) reduced production time by 60 percent and saved them several months in the manufacturing process. This allowed MAN Energy Solutions to establish a reliable toolpath, ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their production while maintaining reliability of each part.

Creo not only facilitated a significant reduction in production time for critical components but also positioned the company to outpace competitors, produce locally, and save substantial time in manufacturing. Read the full case study now to gain detailed insights that offer a comprehensive exploration of MAN Energy Solutions’ innovative approach and transformative outcomes.

MAN Energy Solutions Case Study

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