What’s New in Windchill 11

Award-winning Windchill 11 enables Product Lifecycle Management that is smart, connected, complete and flexible.

11 New PLM Capabilities in Windchill

Windchill 11 introduces breakthrough new PLM functionality to deliver more product data to more people across your organization than ever before. View the webcast, “Top 11 New Capabilities in Windchill 11”, to learn more about the first Smart Connected PLM™ solution.


Connected PLM

Explore how Windchill 11, enabled by IoT technology, allows manufacturers to connect to their product’s operational data. See a demonstration of PTC’s Connected Quality solution.


Flexible PLM

Learn about the new Windchill deployment options from PTC that help reduce the IT burden and cost overhead of PLM while ensuring accessibility and security.


Requirements Traceability Capabilities of Windchill 11

Hear how new Windchill 11 capabilities provide requirements traceability to integrate ALM and PLM functionality.