Windchill Performance Advisor

A dashboard that provides operational insight into the hardware and software performance of your product installations.

Performance Advisor benefits

Improved compliance management

  • License usage data can be used by customers to ensure that they are compliant with PTC usage agreements.

Optimization of software expenditures

  • License usage data enables customers to understand how their employees use PTC products and services subsequently increasing customer’s transparency into software expenditures, which enables them to optimize their software cost and feature needs.

Product performance optimization

  • Customization analysis allows customers to identify components of PTC products that have been altered, which facilitates the proactive detection and resolution of performance issues and identifies customers susceptibility to performance degradation

Proactive resolution of issues

  • Customers will receive recommendation on the optimal levels of customization that is required maximize PTC product performance

Privacy and Security

Using Performance Advisor gadgets


Analyze License Usage

Learn how to analyze license usage data and monitor performance through Performance Advisor

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Customization Gadget

Understand the extent of customization done in connected Windchill systems

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Performance Advisor Capabilities


Private and secure environment


Detect issues before they become incidents


Configurable dashboards to help monitor systems configuration, usage, and peer comparisons


Insights that help manage customizations, updates/upgrades, licensing, and adoption.


Using IoT to better service and support PTC software


Cloud-based solution

Resources to help you

Connect your Windchill System to Performance Advisor:

  1. Navigate to Site > Utilities and click Performance Advisor for Windchill.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Yes, I want to send data to PTC.
  3. Click Test Transport to verify that the Performance Advisor can communicate with PTC.
  4. Select the reports and configure the frequency of generating the reports

Access the Windchill Performance Advisor dashboard:

  1. Go to your PTC eSupport portal
  2. Navigate to Tools-> Performance Advisor-> Performance Advisor for Windchill
  3. Get Smart Connected Support

Minimum Requirements:

Windchill 11 and higher