Windchill Modeler Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in evaluating Windchill Modeler. Windchill Modeler is a pragmatic solution for SysML 1, SysML 2, UML and Variability modeling, all integrated within a single design environment. To download the installation files for Windchill Modeler 10, click the link below.

Download: Windchill Modeler Evaluation

Follow either of the guides below to install Windchill Modeler 10. The first guide outlines how to perform a basic installation and is recommended for new users.

There is also an installation demonstration on PTC's YouTube channel:

Once you have installed Windchill Modeler you will need a license to use and evaluate it. Please refer to the guides above for information on requesting and installing a 30-day evaluation license. License requests should be sent to

Refer to these learning resources to help you get started using Windchill Modeler:

If you have any questions along the way please make sure you contact PTC for assistance. The PTC User Community is also a good resource, where you will be able to exchange ideas with other Windchill Modeler users.

During your evaluation and on completion PTC Sales or one of PTC's partners may get in touch to offer assistance and check how you are getting on.

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Thank you for your interest!