Windchill Asset Library Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in evaluating Windchill Asset Library. Windchill Asset Library is a true enabler for enterprise scale asset reuse, particularly when integrated with Windchill Modeler for asset-based modular design.

If you already completed the evaluation request form and received a confirmation email, directing you to this page, please follow the instructions below. Complete the Windchill Asset Library evaluation request here, if you arrived at this page in error.

Windchill Asset Library relies upon Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later and Microsoft IIS. Please ensure you have both of these prerequisites installed before installing Windchill Asset Library. The free version of Microsoft SQL Server Express is fine. More details about the prerequisites and installation can be found in the installation guide.

Once you have installed Windchill Asset Library you will need a license key to use and evaluate it. Please use the tools license key request facility to automatically generate the request.

Download and install: Windchill Asset Library

Once you have installed Windchill Asset Library, click the blue bar to open an email. Complete the details in the email and send to PTC. The installation guide will also help you.

Send Your 30 Day License Request To

If you have any questions along the way please make sure you contact PTC Support. The PTC User Community is also a good resource, where you will be able to exchange ideas with other Asset Library users.

During your evaluation and on completion PTC Sales or one of PTC’s partners may get in touch to offer assistance and check how you are getting on.

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Thank you for your interest!