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PTC’s latest offering: Step Check—now part of the new Vuforia Expert Capture

Step Check, PTC’s latest release, is the AI-enhanced visual inspection solution that solves one of the most difficult and crucial processes in manufacturing by making inspection checks more efficient than with traditional solutions. Checking hundreds of different products or parts with just the naked eye, within a single shift, can be exhausting—and leaves room for error. With Step Check’s visual guidance, including pass or fail alerts displayed clearly in AR, inspections are made more efficient, accurate, and can save your company time and money.  

By making all Instruct capabilities available in Expert Capture, including Step Check, we make it easier for our customers to share expert knowledge, create visual guides from product data, and enhance inspection with artificial intelligence—all in one easy-to-learn SaaS AR solution. Expert Capture connects frontline workers with knowledge by providing easy-to-understand AR work instructions in the form of visual guides and captured expert knowledge.

Frequently asked questions: Expert Capture and Instruct consolidation

Learn more about the features and functionalities customers gain from the consolidation of Expert Capture and Instruct.

  • Why did PTC consolidate Expert Capture and Instruct?

    The decision to consolidate Expert Capture and Instruct is based on our customers’ feedback to integrate both tools and make it easier to create visual guides and capture expert knowledge all in one solution.

  • What is the additional value for customers?

    With the consolidation, our customers get access to additional advanced capabilities in one collaborative solution. All the features that customers have today in Expert Capture or Instruct will be available in Expert Capture as of May 18, 2023. Users will work with the same editor to create AR and use the same app as before to view their content.

  • When will the consolidation of Expert Capture and Instruct happen?

    The consolidation of Expert Capture and Instruct is planned for May 18, 2023. On the release day, customers who have active licenses for Expert Capture, Instruct, or both products, will have access to all features, including Step Check via Vuforia Editor, Vuforia Capture, and Vuforia Vantage applications.

    Our Customer Success and Solution Provider Partner teams will work with existing customers to determine when we enable the new features in the coming weeks. If a customer is interested in the new features immediately, the customer may reach out to their Customer Success Manager or Partner team.

Frequently asked questions: What’s new for existing customers?

  • I am an Expert Capture and/or Instruct customer. What happens with my software after the consolidation?

    The additional capabilities, including the new Step Check feature, are available on May 18, 2023. They can be unlocked in the software. You can work with Expert Capture just as before. Expert Capture and Instruct use the same user interface, which makes it easy for users.

    Our Customer Success and Solution Provider Partner teams will work with existing customers to determine when we enable the new features in the coming weeks. If a customer is interested in the new features immediately, the customer may reach out to their customer success manager or partner team.

  • I am an Expert Capture customer. How can I use the additional Instruction capabilities?

    Instruct enables customers to build AR instructions in an easy-to-learn SaaS environment using 3D and CAD data. Expert Capture allows customers to use captured instructions and Instruct’s 3D instructions together. You can also continue using Expert Capture’s capabilities to capture and share tacit knowledge.

  • I am an Expert Capture customer. What do I need to use Step Check?

    Step Check’s visual inspection automatically compares the real object with existing documentation. The accurate recognition of the physical object (product, equipment, parts) requires CAD data and information about what will be checked. Our experts can show you how to build a quality check with Step Check in Expert Capture.

Frequently asked questions: Launch of the Step Check AI Inspection feature

  • What is Step Check?

    Step Check is a visual inspection solution powered by PTC’s artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology. Step Check makes quality inspections more efficient by improving accuracy and reducing errors.

    Step Check will be introduced during our LiveWorx event on May 18, 2023, and included in our Expert Capture offering. All our Expert Capture (and previous Instruct) customers will have access to this powerful inspection solution without any additional charge.

  • When will Step Check be available for purchase?

    Step Check will be available for purchase starting May 18, 2023, as part of our new Expert Capture offering.

Frequently asked questions: More information and training

  • How can users get training on the new features?

    Peruse the following resources for more information about existing and new Expert Capture features, as well as Step Check features:

  • Who can I contact to learn more about the Expert Capture and Instruct consolidation?

    Please contact your Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, or Partner team. You can also use our contact form to request more information.

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