ThingWorx Kepware Server

ThingWorx Kepware Server unlocks IoT scalability for all of your sensors and equipment—including legacy assets—so you can connect with confidence.

Solving industry 4.0’s biggest obstacle: Connectivity

Industry 4.0’s benefits make it a critical pursuit for manufacturers who want to remain competitive. But for many companies, the prospect of connecting to their myriad of factory assets—particularly trusted older equipment—is simply too daunting. Industrial connectivity helps manufacturers break widely-implemented operational technology systems like MES, SCADA, PLCs and CNCs out of niche-protocol silos. Doing so lets manufacturers get more out of valuable machine data, making it actionable, preventing maintenance and downtime, and ensuring equipment compliance.

Designed for IoT scalability, ThingWorx Kepware Server provides standardized, industrial connectivity that is cost-effective, easy to implement, and supports a wide depth and breadth of disparate assets. Remove obstacles to connectivity so you can undertake meaningful Industry 4.0 projects that will transform your operations.



ThingWorx covers industrial connectivity for your IIoT or Industry 4.0 project. ThingWorx Kepware Server provides the reliability, security, and scalability to support and accelerate your projects across the entire enterprise.


ThingWorx provides proven reliability


The ThingWorx Kepware Server code base is trusted on more than 75,000 sites globally and was built by industrial automation connectivity experts. It seamlessly integrates with ThingWorx and other analytics platforms.

ThingWorx Kepware Server offers unmatched security


ThingWorx Kepware Server uses the AlwaysOn protocol to encrypt your data and reduce IIoT attack surfaces.

ThingWorx Kepware Server provides enterprise scalability


ThingWorx Kepware Server connects to almost any asset on the plant floor—new or old—so you can easily scale your IIoT projects within your factory and across multiple sites.

Teel Plastics industrial connectivity case study Teel Plastics industrial connectivity case study

Teel Plastics: Reshaping the factory with industrial connectivity

A leader in custom extrusion, Teel components are in a wide range of products used across the globe. To meet the demands of increasing volume and complexity, Teel embraced connectivity to achieve IoT PLC integration. Discover how Teel used ThingWorx Kepware Server to take the complexity out of connectivity, driving huge gains in efficiency and output.

Unlimited connectivity at enterprise scale

ThingWorx Kepware Server Enterprise

Best-of-breed, single-source industrial connectivity solutions break down information silos by aggregating data connectivity and access across protocols, vendors, devices, machines, software applications, data points, and more. The result is complete enterprise-wide data accessibility. Empower your team with the right data at the right time by taking an enterprise approach to connectivity.

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Discover the value of standardized connectivity by trying ThingWorx Kepware Server for yourself. The time-limited software trial can be restarted as many times as needed and is fully functional. Connect, configure, test, and prove value across your environments. To discuss other pilot options, please use the form below to contact a connectivity expert. 

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