Introducing the Connected Engineer Podcast: How to be a Boss at BOM Management

Short on time? Listen to the first 13 minutes of the podcast to learn about the challenges the companies faced, and their reasons behind BOM transformation. For iRobot, engineering was having trouble communicating with their contract manufacturers. As the number of products scaled, the impact of a disconnected BOM became too much to bear. Solar Turbines experienced challenges due to the multiple systems being used to manage their product data. The engineering BOM was not in synch with the manufacturing BOM.

Hear how both companies reduce the amount of time their engineering teams spend on data administration. The result? More time for innovation, and less time and money spent on rework, over-ordering and delayed time to market.

Guest Speakers

Steve Drzewiczewski
Senior Manager of Collaborative Applications at iRobot

Eric Horn
Senior Enterprise Business Process Specialist at Solar Turbines

If you have 25 minutes, why not listen to the whole podcast for lessons learned during the digital transformation journey of both companies. Get advice on how to best approach BOM transformation. Hear what steps both companies are looking to take next to gain more from their BOM.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the play icon above.