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Our goal with each release of Kepware is to expand our capabilities for both our long-standing customers and those who are just starting their digital transformation journey. The new and updated features in recent releases enable more robust, secure and efficient communication when connecting PLCs on the factory floor to OT and IT applications across the enterprise. Below is a summary of noteworthy features and enhancements in the most recent releases of Kepware.

Discover Kepware+

For connected enterprises that need a single interface across their industrial automation landscape, Kepware+ is the management tool that offers a single, simple, modern configuration experience. Kepware accelerates SaaS for manufacturing, centralizing remote configuration to improve visibility and drive operational efficiency for IT/OT data.


Introducing OPC UA Gateway

Kepware is the industry-leading connectivity platform, providing a single source of industrial automation data to across applications. For enterprises that need to bridge the gap between different OPC UA servers, the new OPC UA Gateway facilitates streamlined data flow, enabling namespace aggregation, federation and securing of structured data throughout the enterprise, exclusively configured via Kepware+.


Kepware's Universal Device Driver

The Universal Device Driver streamlines and accelerates the creation of user-defined custom driver profiles using Javascript. The new driver enables greater visibility to Tier 2 and Tier 3 niche manufacturing devices including barcode readers, weigh scales, various sensors and RTUs. The introduction of a self-describing and generic development framework and scripting engine gives flexible control over managing driver aspects like basic communication types as well as build and parse messaging.


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