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New features in Kepware this summer include expanded OPC UA capabilities for tunneling and structured data translation with the new OPC UA Gateway, exclusively configured by Kepware+, secure access to password or cert-protected Siemens PLCs via the Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet Driver, and other targeted enhancements to Universal Device Driver bulk tag handling, Torque Tool addressing, IoT Gateway publish logic, and OpenSSL (3.0) integration.

With this release cycle, Kepware is extending its OPC UA framework, introducing secure tunneling for structured data, federated ‘browse-through’ access to expanded data types, and namespace aggregation—all exclusively configured via Kepware+. Kepware’s breadth of connectivity, reliability, and security features empower customers to focus on process efficiencies and product improvement. As a result, Industry 4.0 stakeholders will spend more time solving important, organization-wide innovation problems and less time managing secure data access, software licenses, and upgrades.


Introducing UA Gateway

Kepware is the industry leading connectivity platform, providing a single source of industrial automation data to across applications. For enterprises that need to bridge the gap between different OPC UA servers, the new OPC UA Gateway facilitates streamlined data flow, enabling namespace aggregation, federation and securing of structured data throughout the enterprise, exclusively configured via Kepware+.

Kepware 6.14: Discover the latest advancements

Automation engineers will want to take advantage of expanded and more efficient communications when connecting to PLCs on the factory floor

OPC UA Gateway & Kepware+
Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet Driver
Universal Device Driver
General Driver Updates

OPC UA Gateway & Kepware+

  • Modernized capabilities for OPC UA data integrated with Kepware Server and configured by Kepware+
  • Kepware+ enabled UA Gateway connectivity configuration
  • Kepware+ enabled OPC UA certificate handling
  • OPC UA tunneling to enable security focused use-cases across OT networks
  • Many-to-many architecture for OPC UA devices, servers and client applications
  • Namespace aggregation and load reduction on downstream servers and devices
  • Federated ‘browse’ through access to OPC UA data types
  • Supports ‘on-the-fly’ changes to configuration while maintaining connectivity with downstream devices or servers

Available with select products and offerings. Contact Kepware Sales for more information

Siemens S7 Plus Ethernet Driver

  • Access to password and/or certificate protected devices (S7-1200, S7-1500)
  • Support for devices programmed with TIA Portal v16 through v18
  • Previous release enhancements
  • Localized in English, German, Japanese and Chinese
  • First-class connectivity to Siemens’ S7-1200 and S7-1500 PLCs leveraging symbolic addressing
  • Support for automatic tag generation (ATG)
  • Configurable Port Numbers and device diagnostics
  • Support for a variety of data types (see Release Notes or Siemens S7 Product information for more details) including array read, write and ATG for targeted types.

Universal Device Driver

  • Support for bulk tags which allows multiple tags to be provided together to reduce requests to the device, improve throughput from a device, process tags faster, or obtain similar data at the same time
  • Overall enhanced performance for transaction requests
  • Previous release enhancements
  • Enables TCP/IP Ethernet and UDP connections to devices
  • Provides customers with flexibility for solicited, unsolicited or mixed-mode communications (Client mode & Server mode design)
  • Sample Profile Library designed by Kepware Solution Engineers
  • Quick start instructions and sample code are included with the driver

General Driver Updates

  • Security updates and enhancements to vital areas of the server including third party components like OpenSSL
  • Configuration API can be enabled during installation by administrators to reduce steps in key workflows including connecting to Kepware+
  • Support for expanded logic to publishing behavior for MQTT and REST Agents inside the IOT Gateway to enable only sending updates when tag data has changed
  • Torque Tool addressing now supports MID140, enabling execution of dynamic job requests
  • Fanuc Focas support for cnc_rdprogdir3 which enables writing Program Numbers to delineate and monitor part changeovers

Discover Kepware+

For connected enterprises that need a single interface across their industrial automation landscape, Kepware+ is the management tool that offers a single, simple, modern configuration experience. Kepware accelerates SaaS for manufacturing, centralizing remote configuration to improve visibility and drive operational efficiency for IT/OT data.


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