ThingWorx Industrial IoT: What’s New

ThingWorx® Version 9.0 is here! Learn more about new capabilities and enhancements in the launch release webinar.

Introducing ThingWorx 9

The industry’s most complete IIoT platform just got better. Loaded with a full range of new and updated features and functionality, you can expect powerful platform capability enhancements across the board, including:

  • Platform Upgrade with active-active clustering to enhance availability, scalability, operability, and deployments.
  • New IIoT Capabilities expand connectivity options and add enhanced modeling and scoring to analytics.
  • Enhancements for Solutions include a more streamlined end-to-end Operator experience for improved efficiency.

ThingWorx 9 Webcast Replay

Joseph Biron, Chief Technology Officer of IoT and Sebastian Bergner, Senior Product Experience Specialist at PTC provide a demonstrations of new and updated features that enhance core platform capabilities – including connectivity, scalability, application development, auditing, usability, and more.

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What's Inside

With comprehensive, robust features and capabilities purpose-built for IIoT, ThingWorx 9 has the power to make digital transformation a reality.

The Power of...


...the Platform:

  • Active-active clustering yields the highest availability for IIoT solutions, minimizing potential for downtime and data loss
  • Horizontal scalability easily accommodates evolving requirements and growth
  • Enhanced operability of advanced applications
  • New ThingWorx 9.0 installer enables a seamless, automated upgrade for customers on ThingWorx 8.5 or later

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…the Capabilities:

  • New tools and functionality improve usability during application development
  • New widgets to add more data insights and better visualizations that enhance decision-making
  • Enhanced modeling and scoring for predictive analytics bring more context to predictions
  • Expanded connectivity options offer more capabilities for edge development, remote deployment, and mass distributio
  • Ability to enable IIoT across the enterprise with Solution Central via streamlined deployment and management of all ThingWorx apps

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…the Solutions:

  • Enhanced user experience improves operator efficiency and visibility in ThingWorx Operator Advisor
  • Component-based application development simplifies the creation of enterprise-level apps in ThingWorx Navigate

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…our Partners:

  • OPC-UA integration with Microsoft Azure seamlessly delivers data from the edge and the cloud to the platform
  • New Rockwell Automation Factory Talk Historian connector enhances integration with native capabilities

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ThingWorx 9. The Power of Now.

To learn more, download the full list of What’s New in ThingWorx 9!

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