What’s New in ThingWorx Version 8.4

What’s New in ThingWorx Version 8.4

Improved Developer Usability and Productivity

  • Advanced responsive layout allows Mashups to adapt to available screen size and improve the user experience
  • New theming and widgets in Mashup Builder create a more contemporary look and feel in applications*
  • New configuration and editing capabilities in Composer improve developer efficiency
  • Seven new languages added, expanding support for global audiences

Enhanced Data and Device Management

  • Best-in-class data storage via InfluxDB and new query services improve performance for time series data implementations
  • Additional data persistence option in Azure SQL enables cloud native relational storage
  • Increased remote access features for connected devices enable users to diagnose and resolve problems faster
  • Enhanced visibility and capabilities for connected Axeda agents

New and Improved Connectivity Options

  • New EUROMAP 63 driver connects to industrial molding machines (IMM), establishing ThingWorx as the first out-of-the-box, vendor-agnostic connectivity product for the IMM market
  • Enhanced Fanuc Focus driver enables access to hundreds of parameters on CNC machines
  • Increased flexibility and custom connectivity options using ThingWorx Software Content Management (SCM) with the C SDK

Simplified Analytics Processes

  • New property transforms eliminate coding to expedite common data transformations used in advanced analytics and monitoring
  • Codeless creation of statistical process control (SPC) rule calculations facilitate the creation of SPC alerts for improved monitoring
  • Automated meta-data inspection facilitate faster, easier creation of data sets

ThingWorx Offerings to Include ThingWorx Flow**

  • Integration and orchestration capabilities now included with enterprise editions and SaaS offerings
  • Users easily connect systems and devices – on premise or in the cloud – with minimal time and effort
  • Data orchestration is made simple, using a drag-and-drop visual canvas to create data flows that automate business processes, without requiring programming skills

* The theming feature and new widgets will be released as Beta in ThingWorx 8.4.0

** ThingWorx Flow is now available, released February 28 in the 8.4.1 patch release 

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