Manage Legacy C/C++ Development Code – PTC X32plus

All-in-one development environment to use across all phases of the development process

Understand and improve functionality of the most complex code, regardless of the end compiler

The graphical views and integrated editors in PTC X32plus, enable developers to rapidly gain an understanding of code structure and module dependencies, allowing them to concentrate on code production.

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PTC X32plus features and benefits

Automatically set keywords
Enables programming errors (e.g. forgotten block ends or inadmissible nested blocks) to be avoided


Permanently collapse code sections
Large and complex software projects can always be viewed clearly and managed effectively

Generate diagrams automatically
Allows developers to map the architecture of entire application over several graphical layers

Interface to version management systems
Allows developers to check-out source files before implementing modifications and then to check-in after the new revision has been completed

Integrated comparer and synchronizer 
Gives developers the ability to document or synchronize modifications between different software revisions

Debugger interface
Enables the debugging of modifications directly in the structured code. Once connected, all usual debugger commands can be executed without switching the application

Automatically calculate metrics and connectivity of an external code checker
Enables the localization of code that doesn’t comply with best practices


Testing possibilities
Improves software quality and reduces debugging time

Build interface
Connection to any compiler and Linker