User Interface Management System for Motif GUI’s

Deliver mission-critical GUIs in a fraction of the time

PTC TeleUSE is a user interface management system and development tool used to produce graphical user interfaces based on the Motif graphical user interface (GUI) specification and the widget toolkit for building applications that follow that specification under the X Window System on UNIX and other POSIX-compliant systems. The PTC TeleUSE toolset supports the creation of large, portable, well-engineered systems and user interfaces that are easily maintained and reusable across projects.

PTC TeleUSE highlights:

  • User Interface Templates with Multilevel Encapsulation for flexibility and simplicity in reusing objects in other areas
  • Rules-Based, Event-Driven Callback Script Modules drastically reduce the amount of time and work required to write callback code in reusable modules
  • “X Windows Smart” Debugging for rapid and efficient debugging of callback code
  • C++ Class Generation lets you work smarter by providing full access to GUI components (such as reuse, subclasses, instantiation, etc.)
  • Generation of Reusable Software Components means that you can get your job done faster by selecting from a library of GUI objects
  • Advanced Application Building automates the build process and allows for customization and third-party tools integration
  • World-Class Open Systems Support
  • Advanced Graphical Widgets — PTC TeleUSE includes a comprehensive integration kit for available Motif Widget Products. The XRT family of widgets (object-oriented software libraries) for Motif is used by thousands of professional developers around the world to build informative, attractive and functional user-interfaces