What is Creo Schematics

When designing connected products, it is absolutely essential to create high quality schematics that document and plan the Electrical requirements. Creo Schematics contains the rich breadth of diagramming tools to satisfy the needs of many disciplines and industries, without forcing designers to compromise.

As part of the design process, electro-mechanical designers route cables and pipes within their 3D assembly by using logical information from the the schematic. The transition of smart data from the 2D schematic to 3D electro-mechanical and piping design ensures design integrity. This compatibility not only speeds the 3D design by removing the tedious, manual process of interpreting 2D schematic diagrams, but also Creo Schematics provides electrical and electro-mechanical designers with more time to optimize the positioning of key sensors.

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Benefits of Creo Schematics Discover how Creo Schematics can optimize your design and engineering processes.
Features and specifications
  • P&ID
  • Block
  • Wiring
  • HVAC
  • Functional
  • Schematic
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic

  • Supported export formats: CSV, CGM, DWG, DXF, Medusa, PDF, XML, ECAD, and CON
  • Supported import formats: EDS, CSV, CGM, DWG, DXF, Medusa, and XML
  • Support for legacy Pro/DIAGRAM™ data

  • Windows® Explorer-style interface
  • Context-sensitive, right mouse button pop-ups
  • Define any user property
  • Fast navigation through multiple sheets
  • Update catalogs
  • Merge design sheets
  • Enable management of schematic data within PTC’s Product Development System (PDS), including Windchill® PDMLink® and Windchill ProjectLink™
  • Windchill and open, check out, and check-in designs directly from within Creo Schematics
  • Central catalog provides a single source for company design libraries
  • Free symbol library includes ANSI, CSA, and IEEE standards
  • Parameters are fully user-definable and may be attached to: Folders, Sheet Sets, Sheets, Blocks, Fibers, Groups, Ports, Formats
  • Parameters values may be defaulted in the catalog, modified upon instancing, updated by selection from a data set, edited from a multi-selection, or allocated automatically
  • Graphical display of properties available on: Sheets, Formats, Blocks, Fibers, Groups, Ports
  • Automated assignment of connector terminator information
  • Import signal information from PCB applications
  • Any number of attributes
  • Any sub-string of any attribute value
  • Any fixed strings, delimiters
  • True Type font support
  • Any layer, color
  • Customizable labels
  • Report types: Parameters, Inventory, Connection
  • Reporting classes: Design, Catalogue, Block, Group, Fiber, Port
  • Criteria:
    • Integer and real parameters
    • String parameters
    • List parameters
    • Sheet parameters
    • Type parameters
  • Report destination: Sheet, Dialog Box, File Java Read API

eSimulate Lite for analyzing various current and voltage properties between components (not available with Creo Schematics Lite*)

*Free download at PTC.com/support