Creo View ECAD Features

Discover the features available for Creo View ECAD offerings

Share and visualize PCB data from all major EDA tools, as well as drawings and documents. Compare the features between Creo View Express, Creo View Lite, Creo View ECAD, and the full Creo View ECAD Suite.

Creo View ECAD Feature Comparison


Creo View Express

Creo View Lite

Creo View ECAD

Creo View ECAD Suite (Includes Creo View ECAD Compare and Validate)

Load Viewables from Windchill

Load Viewables from disk
Only packaged and .eda
Only packaged and .eda
Create a viewable package

Read Annotations from disk
Read Only
Read Only
Save Annotations to disk

Read Annotations from Windchill

Save Annotations to Windchill

Read Only Distance Only

Mark-ups (Redlines, Text)
Read Only

Isolate and Highlight
Read Only Read Only

Groups Read Only Read Only
Watermarks Read Only

Structure Navigator

 Quick Search

Overlay and Image Transfer

Not Configurable
Single Selection Only Single Selection Only
Save .eda File

Cross Select with Creo Parametric

Schematic to Schematic version comparison

Layout to Layout version comparison

Artwork to Artwork comparison

Schematic to Layout comparison

Layout to Artwork comparison

Layout to 3D Mechanical Assembly comparison

Text report of comparison differences

Graphical preview of comparison differences

Ability to Accept/Reject change proposals

Electronic change deltas, history and communication

Cross probing with Cadence Allegro