Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX)

Automate 3D Pipe and Cable Routing

Determining the optimal route for piping and cabling can be one of the toughest parts of product design. Without such routing – and crystal-clear documentation to accompany it – product costs soar, design cycles extend, and quality problems begin to gather. You need a solution that’s part of your product design process and not a tedious chore.

Creo Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX), an extension to Creo Parametric, allows you to create piping and cabling systems quickly and easily for any industry. Start with a 2D schematic or, if you prefer, route directly in the 3D environment. Whichever you choose, Creo PCX allows you to use the logical data from the schematic to automate the creation of the 3D content. Any changes you make are reflected in the manufacturing documentation. By shortening the design cycle and getting to market quicker, you’ll save time and money. It’s the route you want to take.

Benefits of Creo Piping and Cabling Extension

  • Capture and document schematic information and manufacturing documentation
  • Minimize errors and reduce time-consuming tasks by automating the capture of all relevant system information, such as the schematic design, virtual prototype, or manufacturing documentation
  • Fully automate your routing so you can quickly determine the optimum path for manufacturing, cost, and serviceability
  • Ensure design rules and schematic logic rules are enforced through specification-driven design
  • Increase design speed through the reuse of standard symbols, connectors, and fittings contained in a customizable library
  • Reduce costs and design time by eliminating the need for physical prototypes, made possible through virtual interference checking and automated manufacturability verification
  • Enable cost-effective manufacturing through accurate documentation, such as isometric drawings, bend tables, and BOMs

Download the Creo Piping and Cabling Extension Datasheet

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