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Benefits of Arbortext Layout Editor

The new Arbortext Layout Editor product was released alongside Layout Developer This new addition to the Layout Developer family of print composition tools provides a more accessible version of the application dedicated to those users who create or finish paged documents by hand. Layout Editor uses the same powerful formatting engine and is targeted towards those manual tasks needed to make perfect documents:

  • Run or use templates to create documents interactively
  • Open documents saved out from automated processes
  • Edit and import text and graphic content to augment the composed document
  • Manipulate and extend page layouts to achieve perfect results
  • Apply inline formatting changes to tweak the look and feel of the document, saving lines and pages and achieving results which may not be possible through automation
  • Use customizable actions, toolbars and interface areas developed to help users work efficiently
  • Protected template code, removing the requirement for users to know the development side of the template and to guarantee the integrity of the output