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Connected Factories – The Dawn of the Smart Factory

A PTC – Tech Mahindra joint report on the emergence of smart factories as a foundation of data driven decision making by the manufacturer.

The IoT and AR already play a role in the industries and factories, eliminating silos, exploiting data and taking automation to a whole new level. This role will increase substantially with the maturing of IoT, AR and the Industry 4.0.


Digital Transformation = Digital Twin X Digital Thread

Digital Transformation in a manufacturing context is generally well understood by the community. That said, the terms Digital Twin and Digital Thread are being expressed differently by different industries, technologists, and service providers. From the perspective of technical effectiveness, the two concepts of digital twin and digital thread are complementary to each other. Their impact on a transformation initiative is multiplicative, not merely additive.

Read this paper to learn more about strategic implications of Digital Twin and Digital Thread as well as attributes of successful digital twin/thread implementations across industries.

5G technology will have a significant impact on IoT, AR and AI over the next 3-5 years. It will make businesses even more connected then they are today.

   - Ashim Guha, CTO Americas – Tech Mahindra