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Together powering the breakaway enterprises

iNXT is a visionary service line that is transforming the future of innovation, integration, and invention. With cutting-edge IoT, AI, and geospatial technologies, iNXT is pioneering the tech landscape for enterprises worldwide. Their core values of adaptability, agility, and resiliency drive them to provide solutions across industries, including industry X.0 transformation, connected products, supply chain optimization, smart spaces, and ESG initiatives.


LTIMindtree is thrilled to announce iNXT


Drawing inspiration from its natural twin, the dragonfly, iNXT captures multiple insights to create a comprehensive 360-degree view. This platform offers speed, agility, and versatility to businesses, revolutionizing the way they operate.

LTI Mindtree’s Chief Business Officer, Monish Mishra, shares his excitement: "iNXT is all about unlocking new possibilities. With data and insights on Asset utilization, Worker productivity, Track-n-trace, GeoSpatial technologies, and ESG, we're revolutionizing the way businesses operate."


A new era


Two industry-acclaimed challengers come together to become one leader: LTIMindtree, a new kind of technology consulting firm.


Congratulations on LTI Mindtree’s launch of iNXT from PTC


Working in partnership with PTC, a leading industrial innovation platform, iNXT empowers global manufacturers and their ecosystem to capitalize on the physical/digital convergence and drive innovation through IoT, AR, digital twin, and Industry 4.0. Their collaboration with LTIMindtree-PTC CoE in Bangalore focuses on Internet of Things-based innovations for Industry 4.0 solutions, showcasing transformative technologies and Industrial IoT solutions developed on PTC's ThingWorx® platform.


Key solution offering portfolio based on PTC platform

Connected Pump

Cloud based solution to monitor health of critical equipment through real time asset monitoring and predictive analytics to reduce downtime.

Smart Elevator

Solution for enabling cloud-based connectivity utilizing IoT for increased reliability, customer experience, and efficiency.

Smart Campus

Asset performance management for critical assets (chillers, diesel generators, pumps, fans cooling towers and elevators) for real-time monitoring for automated on-demand maintenance service.

Paperless Lab

Digital work instructions (pharma) to increase workforce productivity and operational efficiency. Address compliance gaps, contextualize instructions. Connect lab devices. Accelerated training and skill development