Kalypso LLP

Address: 3659 Green Rd #100
City: Cleveland
State: Ohio
Zipcode: 44122
Phone Number: +1-216-378-4290

Kalypso was created in 2004 to bring industry-specific innovation expertise to the professional services marketplace.

We have been on a mission to help our clients deliver better results from innovation ever since.

Our vision is to help our clients enhance lives through the power of innovation.

We are true practitioners of innovation with experience building high-functioning organizations in industries we know well.

As a global private partnership, we have the freedom to serve clients the way they want to be served as their trusted, objective advisors.

Tier: Platinum
Related Products: PLM Software, ALM Software, Internet of Things (IoT)
Partner Type: Sells value added services around PTC solutions
Website: https://kalypso.com/