About IoT WoRKS

At HCL, IoT works for creating the next-gen enterprise through business transformation

The PTC and HCL IoT WoRKS collaboration around the Internet of Things is 100% focused on helping our mutual customers achieve industry-leading business outcomes through digital transformation. Whether it is an OEE analytics solution for a global automotive leader; or a digital-twin powered autonomous vehicle-enabled shopfloor for a global aerospace manufacturer; or migration to the next generation ThingWorx platform; or integration with leading cloud platforms; HCL IoT WoRKS and PTC together are delivering on the promise of the next gen digital enterprise.

– Sukamal Banerjee, Corporate Vice President - ERS Sales (Hi Tech & Comm), Head - IoT WoRKS

The Power of Partnership

Contact us to learn how our Global System Integrator and Management Consultant partnerships are uniquely positioned to develop business outcomes that drive digital transformation and revenue growth.