Smart Factory in the US – 2019 and Beyond Survey

Fujitsu partnered with leading research and consulting firm, Teknowlogy Group, to survey IT and OT decision makers at 100 US manufacturing companies who have Smart Factory initiatives in place. Download the survey’s executive summary to learn how companies are approaching Smart Factory projects, the challenges around building a business case, and to find out what’s most important to achieve the desired ROI on your next Smart Factory implementation.

Using the ThingWorx platform, Fujitsu can quickly ramp up a network of edge devices, smart machines, and digital sensors. With rapid deployment of digital solutions, our manufacturing customers can expect to drive efficiencies on the shop floor – translating saved hours into cost reductions, increased productivity, or the option to redeploy previously tied-up assets.

– Paul Bresnahan / Head of Manufacturing, Fujitsu America Inc

The Power of Partnership

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