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PTC and Birlasoft re-Imagine digital transformation

Birlasoft combines the power of domain, enterprise, and digital technologies to reimagine business processes for customers and their ecosystem. Birlasoft’s Digital Engineering & Manufacturing Experience provides extensive industry knowledge, strategic partnerships and alliances, and investment in innovation. We can enable your organization to get the maximum value from PTC’s CAD, PLM, ALM, AR/VR, and IIoT solutions. Our vision is focused on adapting digital technologies to manage the digital thread across your entire product lifecycle for Smart Connected Products & Operations.


Smart, connected manufacturing | Birlasoft

Birlasoft focuses on journeys to excellence in manufacturing across the value chain of Model – Make – Move – Manage. This video provides a look behind the scenes of a Smart Connected Manufacturer. It provides a glimpse of how digital technologies integrating with existing manufacturing technologies across the value chain can help you to make a shift to Smart Manufacturing or the Industry 4.0.