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BearingPoint joined the PTC partner network officially in 2020 to establish a future-oriented and strategic alliance with focus on business and technology solution for market segments industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech/electronics and pharma/life sciences. Our cooperation has developed over the last two years from numerous informal and formal conversations, through jointly designed business activities, to the current status as a member of the PTC partner network. We combine PTC's industry-leading industrial technology with our proven horizontal (end-to-end) consulting approach and our agile vertically & horizontally integration procedure tailored to customer's specific needs. Through our numerous and successfully projects with a focus on business & digital transformation, we have a holistic view of the entire enterprise business processes as well as specific expertise in all domains along the value chain. 

With our deep digital expertise, cross industry knowledge and leading edge technology e.g. in big data analytics (Hypercube), we accelerate digital transformation of our customer across different industry sectors, e.g. automotive, industrial equipment and machinery, high-tech/electronics or pharma/life sciences but also in banking and public sector. 

BearingPoint brings together deep domain and technology expertise for both digital and physical world of an asset (product, production equipment or machine). Our service offering for consulting and technology enables companies to bridge the digital-physical divide, to manage all their upcoming challenges on the digital-physical convergence journey and to innovate and to unlock the true potential of valuable new and disrupting digital business use cases on their digital transformation journey.