HPE & PTC: Industrial IoT at the Edge

Digitally transform your factory with IoT at the Edge to reduce costs, protect data, improve analytics, and accelerate production.

Transform Your Business with Industrial IoT and AR Solutions at the Edge

Understanding how to improve production performance and reduce cost—and translating that information into IT requirements—can be a challenge for the enterprise. HPE and PTC have joined forces to help manufacturers deploy industrial IoT and AR solutions at the Edge, where data is generated and captured, while avoiding the costs, delay, and risks of sending your data to the cloud or remote data center.

IIoT data from the Edge

Build an IIoT Infrastructure Using Data from the Edge

The edge of a network is where the worlds of operations technology and IT meet. Learn how deploying ThingWorx at the Edge enables organizations to gain actionable industrial IoT insights that drive business transformation.

The OT-IT Productivity Revolution





HPE and PTC Join Forces in this podcast which explores a convergence that is rapidly evolving: operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Listen to this episode, and explore how advances in real-time analytics, data processing, and platform efficiency have lead to impactful OT approaches at the IoT edge—bringing data-center caliber benefits to manufacturers in real time, when it matters most.

Optimize Digital Quality Control in Manufacturing at E.GO Mobile

On the edge of environmental changes and electro mobility revolution it is important to be up to speed. e.Go Mobile is a manufacturer of electric vehicles, its’ e.Go Life model is customized for urban usage, is affordable for masses and practical for daily commute. In partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise and PTC, e.Go Mobile can compute data faster, run performance and quality checks 4 times faster, get insights automatically and detect issues easier. Together, HPE and PTC are helping to establish an efficient IT environment for manufacturing as e.Go grows.


HPE and PTC Power the Texmark Refinery of the Future

See how Texmark is using PTC ThingWorx to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis by contextualizing and visualizing oil and gas pump data with compute power at the edge from HPE.

HIROTEC smart manufacturing at the Edge

HIROTEC—From Smart Manufacturing to Smart Enterprise

To address unplanned downtime, one of the largest private production companies in the global automotive market turned to IoT. Read how HIROTEC found the ultimate solution in the combined power of PTC and HPE.

eLab Battery Production

At Aachen University’s eLab, PTC and HPE work with other partners to digitize battery production for electric cars unlocking the value of Industry 4.0.