Strategic Partnership: HPE

Converged IT and OT systems to transform your factory


Scalable edge industrial IoT solutions to transform your business

Digital manufacturing enables you to gain access to information from OT systems such as industrial control, supervisory control, and data acquisition systems directly at the “Edge”—where data is generated and captured. Understanding what information is needed to improve production performance and reduce cost—and translating these into IT requirements—can be a challenge for the enterprise.

PTC and HPE have joined forces to make complete, scalable industrial IoT & augmented reality (AR) at the edge possible through the optimization of industry-leading technology platforms from PTC for converged IT+OT edge systems from HPE.  

What can our joint solutions do for you?

PTC’s two industry leading industrial IoT and AR platforms ThingWorx and Vuforia are powering game-changing applications and AR experiences optimized for the HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems. This allows you to immediately take action while avoiding the costs, delay, and risks of sending all of your data to the cloud or remote data center. Deploying industrial IoT applications and AR experiences at the edge will result in cost reduction, faster production cycles, and more added value for your users.

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HPE partnering with PTC to power the Texmark Refinery of the Future

See how ThingWorx is helping Texmark to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis by contextualizing and visualizing oil and gas pump data with compute power at the edge from HPE.