The Marketplace contains information about Commercial and Reference Solutions and compatible components that can be sourced from Marketplace partners. These user-evaluated solutions and components can be installed into specific PTC software products, enhancing the value of PTC software. Partners may develop innovative content and make it available to others by publishing it to the PTC Marketplace.  If you're interested in learning more please read about the Value of the PTC Partner Ecosystem.

Marketplace listings contain a brief description of the product offering and promotional collateral. Users may learn more about how to source extensions or obtain additional information about an offering using the “Learn More” feature. 

The diagram below outlines the process for building and publishing content to the Marketplace: 



  • Tools integrate with our software and include Extensions and Starter Kits
  • Commercial Solutions are complete solutions built using PTC software. IoT solutions are built with the ThingWorx Platform
  • Reference Solutions are developed by PTC Services partners and demonstrate competency and intellectual property within a specific domain. Tools, Commercial Solutions, and Reference Solutions can be delivered through a direct engagement with the publishing partner 

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  • All offerings must be submitted to PTC Marketplace for review

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  • PTC will perform a thorough review of all submitted content
  • Partners will conduct live demonstrations for each product submission 

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  • Upon completion of content review publishers will be given access to create their own Marketplace listings
  • Publication review and feedback provided by Marketplace team
  • Upon completion of the publishing review process content is made available on the Marketplace
  • Publishers will maintain access to their listings to make updates as needed

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Developing Your Marketplace Content


PTC Marketplace listings focus on two types of content: Tools & Solutions.

Tools: Tools include extensions, development tools and starter kits.

  • Extensions enable ThingWorx users to quickly and easily enhance the functionality of their IoT application. Extensions can be service (function/method) libraries, connector templates, functional widgets, integrations to 3rd party systems, and more.
  • Development tools are typically a set of software development tools that allow the creation of applications.
  • Starter kits are informational documents which may include software components that will guide you through the process of connecting a device or software product to the ThingWorx Platform.

Solutions: Commercial and Reference Solutions.

  • Commercial Solutions are complete out-of-the box solutions developed by PoweredBy partners which are available for purchase directly through an engagement with a Marketplace listing partner.
  • Reference Solutions demonstrate competency and intellectual property within a specific domain and are developed by PTC Services partners.  Reference Solutions are available via direct engagement with the Services partner and will be customized to meet your specific needs.

PTC offers a multitude of resources to support and accelerate your development efforts.  These resources will help you create tools or solutions that can be listed on the Marketplace:

  • Developer Portal – The developer portal provides guides, SDKs, product documentation and tutorials for creating with and for the ThingWorx platform.
  • PTC Community – PTC software helps our customers do amazing things; from initial design to making it smart and connected. Whether it's CAD, PLM, ALM, or IoT, we offer peer-to-peer support communities to help you learn best practices, increase your productivity, and interact with PTC.

  • PTC University – PTC University keeps you on the cutting edge of learning and technology. Access first-hand product knowledge through flexible learning experiences that cater to your individual learning style and effectively and efficiently enable you to reach your desired business goals.



Submitting Your Offering


You must have an active PTC Partner agreement to list a solutions on the PTC Marketplace. PTC encourages ALL partners to submit content showcasing your solution or tool to the PTC Marketplace!  Marketplace promotion allows you to drive adoption of your solutions (we will link to your website for download if available), showcase your industry expertise and build strategic alliances to create even more innovative solutions.  For details on becoming a PTC partner please visit the PTC Partner Network website.

Please note that the PTC Marketplace is a showcase only model. Software and PDF downloads will not be available in the listings. The PTC Partner will be responsible for hosting all download material.

Submission requirements: 

  • Primary contact name and email address
  • Your PTC Partner Customer number
  • PTC Platforms utilized
  • Solution description
  • PDF or other product collateral 


To initiate the process please email your submission to

Status emails will be sent during each stage of the review process.

If you would like to become a PTC Partner, please visit the PTC Partner Network website.

Content Review


All content submitted for publication to the PTC Marketplace must go through a review process.

  • Live demonstration will be scheduled to review the solution to understand its market readiness as well as how PTC software is being used within the overall solution.
  • Marketing materials will be reviewed to understand how the PTC Partner is marketing their solution.
  • Upon successful review, offerings will be permitted to be published to the Marketplace.


Publishing Your PTC Marketplace Listing


Once your Tool or Solution submission is approved, PTC will grant access to the Marketplace Publishing tool so listings can be created.

All Partners publishing content will be able to create a partner listing and listing pages for their product offering.

The Marketplace publication process is a collaborative process during which you will work with the PTC Marketplace team to create an effective listing.

Upon approval, your content will be available to users of the PTC Marketplace.

Partners with questions may contact us at 


Use the following resources to guide you through the publication process: